Contested Wills & Contested Probate Solicitors

Losing a loved one is hard enough, without having to deal with disputes caused by a contested Will or probate. Sadly, some people are unhappy with either the assets that they have been left, or the fact that they have received nothing at all, others may feel that there has been a breach of trust. It is important to understand your legal status and how you can contest or defend a will before or after probate. We are expert contested probate solicitors and can help with all aspects of such a dispute at this difficult time.

Our contested probate solicitors can help you with problems such as contesting a will, Inheritance Act claims and breach of trust claims. We understand that the aftermath of losing a loved one is a highly charged environment, which is why we will be there to give practical, legal advice as well as support and a listening ear.

Although we deal with all sizes of contested probate disputes, large or complex estates can cause more challenges, therefore it’s imperative to have expert legal advice to help resolve the issues efficiently and as amicably as possible.

If you are contesting a Will or probate or you are the executor of an estate that is being contested, please contact our team today and see how we can help.