Separation Of Cohabiting Couples

Just because you aren’t married, it doesn’t make separating from your partner any less painful or traumatic. Due to there being less legal rights for those that are unmarried, it can be difficult during the separation of cohabiting couples for you to know your rights and what you could be entitled to.

The separation of cohabiting couples can be a tricky journey to travel due to the law being less defined than for those people seeking a divorce. Ashburnham Solicitors are here to help you navigate the best way forward with expert legal advice as well as support and encouragement to ensure you can move forward in the best way possible.

We will work with you to understand your main priorities and goals for the future and will look to resolve the dispute as quickly and as smoothly as possibly. We can also help you to sort out child arrangements (previously custody and access) as well. If you feel you need to discuss your legal rights as an unmarried, separated person, please contact us today to see how we can help.