January – A Month Of New Beginnings And Transition

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that January is the most likely time of the year for relationships to breakdown, separations to occur and divorces to be initiated. There are multiple explanations as to why January is known for being the most challenging month for relationships, but the fallout from Christmas and the added financial stresses that the festive season brings are two of the primary reasons for the breakdown of even the strongest of unions.

It also doesn’t help that the new year is a time for the creation of new resolutions and for some, this may mean the severing of old ties and fresh beginnings. Therefore, it is common for people who have felt that something has been wrong for a while, to decide to end an unfulfilling relationship in January.

Whether it is you taking steps to separate or your partner initiating the split, the feelings of anxiety, stress and self-doubt will still be felt and there will be hundreds of questions racing through your mind, such as what will happen to your home, to your children, will you cope financially and how do you even begin splitting assets? As well as dealing with these questions and fear of the unknown, you will be navigating a minefield of legalities associated with separation. This is where an experienced and supportive family law solicitor can help guide you on this journey and ensure you get the best and most amicable outcome.

If you have found yourself experiencing a relationship breakdown this January, Ashburnham Solicitors are here to help you through this difficult time. As family law specialists, we are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable, but we provide a truly supportive service reflecting the needs of our clients.

Both married and co-habiting couples will need legal advice but what many people don’t realise is that the law concerning married and unmarried separation is very different. Therefore, it is imperative to obtain legal advice as quickly as possible so that you know where you stand and what the future could look like.

Here at Ashburnham Solicitors, we will help you cut through common myths surrounding separation and divorce, provide reassurance and guidance and give you some much needed control over the situation. We will proactively and compassionately work with you to pave a clear pathway to reach your desired outcome and we will always strive to keep matters as amicable as possible. Our solicitors are highly skilled in negotiating amicable settlements for both married and unmarried couples or guiding you through the court process if this proves necessary.

If you are going through a separation, you might find the following pieces of advice helpful:

  • We highly recommend seeking legal advice as soon as possible – some people come to see us in contemplation of separation, not always after separation. Armed with timely advice and an overview of your situation, you may find it easier to make those important decisions about yours and your family’s future.
  • As a family law specialist, we advise people to try and keep your relationship with your partner as amicable as possible. This will greatly assist you in being able to reach a mutually agreeable outcome and where there are children involved, you will need to maintain a practical working relationship for their sake.
  • Before seeing a solicitor, it can be advantageous to gather together all of your financial documents, including:
    • your last mortgage statement
    • your bank account statements
    • your last three wage slips
    • details of any investments
    • a list of your debts, if you have any
    • your pension value

This will help us to draw up an overview of your financial position to assist in a swift resolution.

It’s good to remember that time is a great healer, you will both move on, and better times are just around the corner. This is the start of a new chapter in your life and a new beginning.

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